Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Il Credo del Cittadino

Fratelli cittadini, figli dello Stato, Uno Unico e Indivisibile, che solo può perdonare i nostri peccati.

Cantiamo insieme!

I believe in a Holy Trinity.
I believe in an Almighty Godvernment,
Incarnate in our Saviour the President,
And blessed by a Holy Spirit, the Will of The People.


I believe in the Blessed Election, Mother of Godvernment.
Her virginal purity begets the best rulers we can imagine.
And though my fellow citizens are idiots,
And all those politicians are frauds,
I believe that a Holy Spirit oversees each an every ballot cast;
The outcome of Democracy is the Sacred Will of the People. (bis)


I believe in Universal Rights, for everyone,
To do what I think they should.
And though always it fails, I have faith in Godvernment
To enforce the laws I think are good.
I believe in Freedom of Speech,
For all the honest people, who think like I do.
I believe in Freedom of Cult,
For who follows my Bible, the One and True.

I believe in a World of Love for all humans,
And birds, flowers and beasts.
And those who disagree the least
Should be mercilessly squished
For they are all demons!

(Da quebecoislibre.org)


Anonymous said...

orate pro nobis ce lo vogliamo mettere???

Paxtibi said...

Orate per tutti, e salmone a volontà!!

Anonymous said...

Amen fratello Pax, che la Stella Polare illumini il tuo cammino...

Paxtibi said...

Magari!... che risparmio sulla bolletta...